Fleet management. We handle your fleet!

Fleet management is outsourcing of non-core function to external service provider. In practice, you entrust the management of your company's fleet to fleet management professionals.

Both globally and also in Baltic states - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, an increasing number of companies are taking this strategic step. They outsource various non-core functions to specialists - such as cleaning of premises, security, computer maintenance, bookkeeping and also the management of their vehicle fleet.

Fleet management services are easily adaptable to the needs of each individual customer - both in regard to your company's existing fleet of vehicles and any new vehicles that you may decide to acquire.

The integral part of the modern and qualitative vehicle fleet management is a 24-hour customer service centre and IT system Online Fleet Control, which can be accessed on the internet.




For a large fleet of vehicles, fleet management services provides your company with savings - your company can save on premises hire, communal payments, personnel salaries and other fixed costs linked to the company's transport department. For a small fleets, fleet management services ensure discounts, and other advantages of economy of scales.

Concentration on core business

By entrusting your vehicles to the fleet management specialists, you will be able to concentrate on your core business which provides you with new clients and revenue.

Easy services

In order to receive fleet management services, you only need to remember our free phone number, e-mail or fax. We will take care of the rest.

Easy planning

All your expenses (except fuel, car washing and insurance self-risk) are included in your fixed monthly payment for fleet management services. Accordingly your cash flow is balanced out and you can easily plan your predicted expenses.

Easy monitoring

You receive transparent reports regarding services provided. These contain the broadest possible range of information and can prove to be extremely useful for the analysis and monitoring of your transport resources. When choosing the full package of fleet management services, you only have one agreement, the fulfilment of which you can easily control.

Easy payments

In place of numerous invoices, transfers and receipts, your bookkeeper will receive only one invoice for all the services provided by fleet management.

Ready knowledge and experience

You receive our knowledge and experience of fleet management. You don't have to research changes in legislation, in the market situation and other areas yourselves, because we take care of this for you.