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Latvia can be compared to the four cardinal directions – it is just that diverse! KurzemeZemgaleLatgale and Vidzeme – each with their own charm and character, formed by the habits of the people, the differences of nature and even the weather. The complete feeling of Latvia can only be grasped by experiencing its different tastes, smells, various terrains and, above all, getting to know the people who shape all this colour.

Get to know the regions of Latvia and draw inspiration before going on your trip. Even if you only have 2 free days!

The routes include both known and traditional stopping places, as well as not so well-known ones, which once again lets us conclude – Latvia is so different! #TravelLatvia
Let’s get going!

Latvia is so diverse, it can be compared to the four directions of the earth. The regions of Kurzeme, Zemgale, Latgale and Vidzeme, each with its own charm and character, created by the habits of their inhabitants, their distinct nature and even the weather.  

The joint sense of Latvia is formed by experiencing the variety of tastes, scents, different terrains and, most importantly, getting to know the people, who fashion this colorful landscape.

The itinerary includes both well-known and traditional stopping points as well as lesser known places which once again allows to conclude how diverse Latvia is!

Even if there are only 2 days of vacation! #EnjoyLatvia

Latgale for the senses

Travel routes in Latvia: Latgale | Sixt rent a car

Latgale - The Land of Blue Lakes is the only region in Latvia that takes pride in its distinctive, still widely used language, as well as its dominant religion - Catholicism. Nature - Daugava meanders, Rāzna National Park, Lake Velnezers, The Great Lime Tree Hill watch tower; crafts - potters, carpenters; culture - Latgale Embassy GORS; Religion - Aglona Basilica - one of the largest centres of Catholicism in Latvia, which flocks together thousands of pilgrims every year in August, and even the gastronomy will surprise every traveller who gets to know the praised Latgallian hospitality. It is possible that the Latgallian language and religion largely determines Latgallians’ different mentality and sturdy traditions. But better to see and experience once than hear a hundred times!
Detailed 2-day tour route

Aristrocal Zemgale

Aristrocal Zemgale | travel routes in Latvia

Zemgale - throughout history known as "Latvia’s bakery barn", is a region in which its castles and manors, which suit it so well, and their preserved history and culture are all intertwined with the riches of nature - its fields and forests. Rundāle Palace, Mežotne Palace, Brukna Manor, Jaunpils Castle... Can you name another region where ancient history is so closely intertwined with today? And, of course, we can’t fully picture Zemgale without the Tērvete Nature Park, which has just undergone such big changes that it will surprise both those who visited during their school days many years ago, and those who have visited relatively recently. Let’s get going! To Zemgale!
Detailed 2-day tour route

Culturally historical Vidzeme

Vidzeme - culture, history and cultural history. Interacting with picturesque scenery. Cēsis Medieval Castle, Dikļi Palace, Ungurmuiža Manor and for the colouring - Secret Soviet Bunkers in Līgatne. But in life, everything must be in balance - so during the trip you will have the opportunity to test your strength and feel the unfelt in the Park of Senses of Gauja’s steep coasts and the Tarzāns Adventure Park in Rāmkalni. Let’s get going! To Vidzeme!
Detailed 2-day tour route

Untamed Kurzeme

Travel routes in Latvia: Kurzeme | Sixt rent a car

Kurzeme - character, uniqueness and diversity - these are but a few key words used to describe this colourful and at the same time untamed region of Latvia, which is endowed with spite and might. The presence of the Baltic Sea and the constant winds have affected both people and nature. Jūrkalne Seashore Bluffs, Pāvilosta, Karosta Prison, electric go-karts and for some contrast - Skrunda Manor, the Wine Hill of Sabile and the intensity of Kuldīga. All of this can only be experienced in Kurzeme! But Kurzeme inhabitants are not ones to delay - so let’s get going!
Detailed 2-day tour route

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