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Bicycle sharing in Riga and Jurmala | Sixt rent a bicycle

Sixt rent a bicycle is a self-service bicycle rental available to both residents and guests of Riga. There are more than 250 bicycles available for cyclist in Riga centre and outside of it. You can easily register by calling the phone line +371 67676780 or by Nextbike application (IOS and Android) and rent a bicycle now! First 30 minutes of Sixt bike rent FOR FREE every day!  



How it works

Sixt rent a bicycle is available 24/7 and you can rent a bicycle in any of the rental stations in Riga and Jurmala. To receive a combination lock code just calls the phone line shown on a bicycle or via Nextbike application. Open the combination lock by entering the code and start your ride! To return the bicycle, call the same phone line and inform us, at which Sixt rent a bicycle station you have left the bicycle. 

How to rent?

  • To rent a bicycle call the phone line +371 67676780, via Nextbike application (IOS and Android) or register on the internet.
  • You will hear a voice record which will ask you to tell the number of the chosen bicycle. After you enter this number in the mobile phone, you will receive a combination code entering which you will be able to unlock the bicycle. Take the combination lock with you! It will be useful if you will need to lock the bicycle during the rental.
  • Get the code and open the combination lock.
  • Make sure that your mobile phone has a necessary set up and your phone number is not hidden to the receiver of the call. This is necessary for call centre to be able to recognize you ate the time of bicycle return.

How to return

  • After the rental Sixt bicycles must be returned at the official rental stations.
  • Lock the bicycle with the combination lock and alter the numbers so the code is not understandable (it is necessary for others not to be able to get the bicycle on your name). After it is done, call the phone line +371 67676780 again and enter the station number which is seen on the station post.

Official rental stations

Our bicycle rental system allows to rent a bicycle in one station and return it in any other. For example, rent a bicycle in Pārdaugava but return it in Riga centre. If you leave a bicycle in a place other than rental stand, you will be charged according to prices.


  • Before you begin to use the bicycle rental system it is necessary to register on the internet or via Nextbike application (IOS and Android). In the future our system will recognise you by your phone number. After the registration you will be able to use our system in all cities and countries it is available in. With one client account it is possible to rent up to 4 bicycles.
  • When you register at Sixt rent a bicycle, your credit card will be charged with the deposit in the amount of 9.99 EUR which will serve as a guarantee of bicycle rental payment. The sum in the amount of 9.99 EUR will be transferred to your Sixt rent a bicycle account and later will be used to cover the bicycle rental payment. You can check the balance at any time if you register in Sixt rent a bicycle webpage and use the balance in your future rentals.

Closing your account

In case if you have decided not to use Sixt rent a bicycle services anymore and you wish to close your account and the deposit sum is not used in the full amount, after you close your Sixt rent a bicycle account, we will transfer the remaining amount back to the indicated credit card account.

The payment for bicycle rental services will be charged to your credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please bear in mind that without a valid credit card you cannot receive our services.

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